Here is the winning essay written by Harriett Pyburn about her husband, Steve Pyburn:

“I nominate my husband, Steve Pyburn, for the Father of the Year award. While he is busy with his job at Cartoon Network and all the obligations that go along with being an adult, Steve always prioritizes being available for our three children: Connor, 14; Bryce, 12; and Christina, 8.

Steve has always made himself available to coach any and all youth sports. He did not sign up to coach Connor’s preschool soccer team because he didn’t feel qualified. After watching one practice, he realized that energy and availability were the most important qualifications. He has been coaching ever since (soccer, baseball, flag football, and basketball).

Additionally, I love his tradition to take each of our children on a trip each year. The destinations vary – sometimes big, sometimes small – but the point is to spend uninterrupted time with each child. Afterwards, they love working together on their growing scrapbooks of these trips.

Finally, I love the role model that he is. He would rather play a board game than turn on the TV. His coaching emphasizes respect, effort and fun. He teaches Sunday School. He volunteers in our community. I love that my children are learning these important priorities first-hand.”

This article originally appeared in the June/July issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on page 8. Click here to view the digital edition.