Thanksgiving is a great time for counting our blessings and expressing gratitude.

In challenging times, an attitude of gratitude is all the more important, and this year has been one of the most difficult for so many!

Nevertheless, we’ve seen many people in communities across our country who have risen to the occasion and gone above and beyond to serve their fellow citizens in the face of all of the difficulties that COVID-19 has wrought.

I’m grateful to the first responders and health care workers for their tireless efforts to protect and care for our communities in the face of uncertain and often dangerous circumstances.

I’m grateful to teachers for their dedication to education and their ability to adapt to unusual learning environments.

And I’m grateful to parents who have found themselves in home school situations, needing to remember the basics of math, English, and science.

I’m grateful to local businesses for their dedication and perseverance and creativity to continue to serve their customers through curbside, delivery, and online options.

I’m grateful to restaurants and grocery stores for continuing to safely serve and provide for their customers day in and day out.

I’m grateful to our houses of worship, where we can lift our hearts and find renewed strength.

As a publisher of a local publication, I am also grateful for the other local newspapers–Marietta Daily Journal, eastcobbnews,com and the Atlanta Journal Constitution–who care about this community and work hard to provide us with the details on our local government, local schools,  the health and safety issues that affect East Cobbers.

It’s not easy hearing people challenge their motives. From personal connections, I know how much the publishers and editors of these newspapers care about their communities and the work their staff do.

Local newspapers have supported all of us through this difficult year and now they need our support, as well. Consider subscribing to your local newspaper, in print or online, to show your thanks for the job they do each and every day and to ensure that they can continue to keep our community fully informed in the days ahead.

Thank you to those who support the EAST COBBER!  From the local businesses that choose to advertise in our publication, to our readers that cheer on our efforts–we could not be here without you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


This post was written by Cynthia Rozzo, publisher and editor of the EAST COBBER. Cynthia Rozzo created the free monthly publication, EAST COBBER, in 1993 to serve East Cobb County residents by providing a forum for them to share their ideas and a source for them to learn more about their community. She has also received the following recognitions:

  • East Cobb Business Association’s 2018 Business of the Year
  • Cobb County Police Dept’s [Precinct IV] 2017 Citizen of the Year
  • Cobb County Chamber of Commerce’s East Cobb Citizen of the Year 2011