East Cobb‘s Highest Rated Personal Training Studio Turns 20

If the Warechowskis knew one thing about their  future when they became part of Fitness Together  East Cobb in 2002, they were committed to the  health and well-being of each client who walked  through the door. Now as franchise owners, Katie  and Mike Warechowski celebrate 20 years of help ing East Cobbers achieve a healthier lifestyle.  

No one can attest to an enterprise’s staying pow er like a satisfied client. Andy Robertson, who has  been working out with Fitness Together trainers  since 2007, describes the fitness center as a place  with a fun atmosphere that simply feels like home.  

“I came to Fitness Together about 15 years ago as  a slightly overweight 40-something who needed to  get in shape,” he says. “Katie wanted to know how  committed I was as she explained the necessities of  both exercise and diet. Obviously, pretty committed  because I did not quit and have stuck with my train ing goals ever since. They do bust your butt here,  but they are friendly and helpful while they do it.” 

According to Katie, the 20-year milestone is  significant because it demonstrates that Fitness  Together provides clients with long-term support  as they focus on staying healthy. “There is no  one size fits all for any client,” explains Katie. “A  customized program is developed specifically for  each client as that person receives a one-on-one  assessment of his or her current fitness level. Any  limitations, injuries, or unique needs or goals are  addressed. After that, personal trainers provide  long-term support as fitness goals are met and then  reevaluated for the next phase. Each client also gets  nutritional counseling geared toward redefining  what healthy eating means.”  

In an industry where personnel can be  ever-changing, the Warechowskis’ commitment  

to the community speaks volumes. The two met  while obtaining degrees in exercise and health  science at Kennesaw State University. Mike was  the first trainer hired at Fitness Together’s first East  Cobb location, and Katie joined a year later. Then  in 2007, the owner decided to sell the business,  and the Warechowskis became the new owners  with a target to become the best fitness center in  East Cobb. As they expanded their business, they  moved to the current location at 1000 Johnson  Ferry Road, Building 400, Suite 412 (across the  street from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church) in 2016.  They now employ a studio manager and eight  additional trainers. 

Always striving for excellence, Fitness Together  solidified its standing as a premiere East Cobb  business when it was awarded the 2017 Franchisee  of the Year by Wellbiz Brands, Inc., the leading  franchise portfolio company for wellness, fitness,  and beauty brands. Other recognized brands  under the Wellbiz umbrella are Elements Massage,  Drybar, Amazing Lash, and Radiant Waxing. Then  in 2019, MFV Expositions, the world’s largest  producers of franchise expos, awarded Fitness  Together the Best Franchisee of the U.S.A. award,  which is a part of the Best Franchisee of the World  program. This program is a global initiative that  highlights franchisees who have used franchising  to positively change their lives and/or improve  their communities.  

According to Katie, as with most businesses,  the recent pandemic affected Fitness Together. As  challenging as it was, two changes have occurred  from that time which have proven beneficial. The  first change was the addition of virtual sessions to  its training options.  

“Before the pandemic, we had never given much  thought to virtual training,” she says. “We had to  quickly explore ways to keep our business going dur ing the lockdown, and virtual training was a natural  fit. Most clients have returned for in-person work outs, but some now schedule virtual training sessions  when they travel or have time constraints that pre vent them from coming in. Being able to offer online  options has created a new level of flexibility.” The second change concerns clientele.  

Although most Fitness Together clients are in  their 40s, 50s, and 60s, Katie says there has been  an upswing in the mid-to-late 30s age group in  the past year. Not quite sure what to specifi cally attribute this change to, she has observed  a more focused mindset for all ages as clients  place an even greater emphasis on healthier  immune systems and general overall health as a  result of the pandemic. 

Fitness Together East Cobb offers 45-minute  sessions for both individual and small group train ing. In private workout suites, personal trainers  provide fitness through strength and cardio train ing. Monthly memberships are available, and cus tom and package rates are competitive. Hours are  Monday-Friday, 6am-7:30pm and Saturday, 6am 1:30pm. For more information, check out www.fitnesstogether.com/eastcobb or call 770-321-1347.  Be sure to ask about Fitness Together’s 20th year  anniversary special:”20% more sessions at 20%  off. (*special restrictions apply)