Wood Acres is the oldest, private independent school in the area and continues to be strong and vibrant. Tens of thousands of students have been a part of the school and its popular summer camp programs. The faculty, students, and families celebrate a love for Wood Acres that is simple, precious, amazing, and lasting.

“Wood Acres is a heartbeat, a shared vision, a common belief in children and learning, and a commitment to educational excellence and achievement. It is a school for all seasons and all the right reasons,” shared Head of School Judy Thigpen.

Kay and Dave Clark, the original owners, nurtured the groundbreaking preschool and expanded to include a grammar school on nine beautiful acres in the heart of East Cobb where the school thrives today.

In 2002, Judy and John Thigpen, became the visionaries behind Wood Acres success today. They completed a massive renovation and further expansion with a new building to launch the Upper School, teaching children through the 8th grade. The Thigpens and their team thoughtfully innovated while honoring tradition and legacy.

Wood Acres includes an Early School (2-4 year olds), which combines learning with purposeful play opportunities that engage young learners in the world around them. The program follows a unique, nationally recognized curriculum in the areas of early literacy, numeracy, science and social studies. Students also experience foreign language, art, music, physical education and the biggest sandbox in town.

The Grammar School (Kindergarten through 4th grade) is well known for its accredited and accelerated academic curriculum, integrated STEAM learning experiences and commitment to teaching Spanish. Students also learn to give with their heart and care for the school. They put forth their best effort both in and out of the classroom and are supported by their families and teachers who want what is best for them and their development.

The Upper School (5th through 8th grade) prepares students to apply a rigorous learning mindset and soar in all areas so that they are prepared for a variety of private and/or public magnet programs upon graduation. Upper School students lead younger students on campus in a variety of ways, including peer mentoring, book buddies and philanthropy. Wood Acres is a member of the