Sitting beneath bright yellow umbrellas, a noisy crowd fills an outdoor patio during a recent warmer-than-usual winter day in Atlanta. What are these people celebrating? The weather for one thing, but more importantly, the fact that East Cobb now has a Tin Lizzy’s Cantina. Finally, we don’t have to travel all over the city (or to South Carolina) to enjoy a Korean BBQ taco or the signature queso and chips. Just a quick drive to The Avenue East Cobb, located off Hwy.120, is all that’s required to enjoy the famous FlexMex cuisine that has become the restaurant’s brand. Tin Lizzy’s insiders describe it as “the perfect setting for all life’s celebrations.”

The East Cobb location is Tin Lizzy’s 13th and newest restaurant since the original 2005 opening in Buckhead. The restaurant got its start through a group of college friends who took over a local establishment with high hopes of making it the new neighborhood watering hole. With a menu featuring Tex-Mex greats, the owners wanted to incorporate other cultural favors into the mix. The ambience would be a margarita and taco concept, but at the same time, would offer something unique that people couldn’t find anywhere else. The term “FlexMex” was coined to denote this approach. This term not only describes the menu, but also the laid-back approach of “friends serving friends.” Twelve years and 12 more restaurants later, those who dine at the new East Cobb location experience this unique approach.

Tory Bartlett, Tin Lizzy’s CEO, joined the founders in 2013, bringing with him 22 years of restaurant and bar experience. According to Bartlett, East Cobb had been on the map for quite a while as a potential location. One of the business owners and founders Michael Evertson (who is also an East Cobb resident) adds, “The East Cobb community is diverse with both families and young ‘up and comers,’ which makes it a great spot for a restaurant like Tin Lizzy’s.”

“We put a lot of thought into our customer base and what they want,” explains Bartlett. “Our restaurants are
not cookie cutter versions of one another. Each Tin Lizzy’s Cantina aims to be a part of its neighborhood. In East Cobb, for instance, there is a table for large parties so parents and their children’s sports teams have a place to sit together to celebrate a victory.

“We also hire locally,” continues Bartlett. “Almost all of our managers reside in the areas in which they work. Who knows customers’ needs better than someone who lives in the area?”

If you aren’t already a Tin Lizzy’s fan, you will be once you try it. The patio, which seats 57, is the main focus at the East Cobb location, making outdoor dining a great experience. With inside seating for another 136 guests, the restaurant’s service is top-notch with a philosophy of “truthful and straightforward hospitality.” Music is also a huge part of the brand, with local musicians playing several nights a week.

Tin Lizzy’s food will keep you coming back for your favorites. The trifecta, three different tacos, is a favorite of many regular customers, with more than 20 soft taco recipes that offer unique flavor combinations. Or if you like to try new things, there is a taco of the month. The menu is extensive, with dips, skillets and salads. All of the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Beer, margaritas and many other cocktails are served.

It’s time to dine at the newest Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, which is located at 4475 Roswell Rd., Suite 1510. For information, call 770-609-2689 or visit