Local lawmakers are planning town hall meetings as the legislative session continues this winter. Constituents are invited to share their thoughts on the issues so the state legislators can use your input to more effectively represent the community’s needs and concerns. State Senator Judson Hill will host a town hall on Tuesday, February 9, at Walton High School Theatre, 1590 Bill Murdock Road, in Marietta/East Cobb at 7pm.

State Senator Judson Hill (R) and State Representative John Carson (R) will address current issues including pending legislation, at jointly held town hall meetings on Monday, February 15 and Monday, March 14. Both of these town halls will be at Mountain View Library, 3320 Sandy Plains Road in Marietta/East Cobb at 7pm.

Reprinted from EAST COBBER’s February 2016 issue


Do you plan to attend the town hall meetings? What issues would you like addressed? Please share below.