In the world of competitive sports, tales of triumph over adversity are often the ones that capture our  hearts and minds. One such story exists right in East Cobb. Max Allemeier, a Senior at Walton High School is one of the nation’s most exceptional rowers despite being blind.  

Born with a visual impairment, Max faced a  unique set of challenges that might have discouraged  many others. However, with his competitive drive and  his family’s support, Max discovered Atlanta Junior Rowing Association (AJRA).  

Max’s journey in rowing began when he participated in AJRA’s Summer Learn to Row Camp, where he  discovered his love for the sport. Starting as a two-day a-week rower on the AJRA Rec team in Fall 2021, Max’s  dedication and talent led him to join the competitive  squad, rowing six days a week in the following spring. 

Rowing, known for its emphasis on teamwork, strength, and precision, seemed like an unlikely  choice for someone with visual impairment. However, its inclusivity and accessibility, made AJRA the perfect place for Max. As a visually impaired athlete, he appreciates that rowing doesn’t involve flying  objects, making it a sport where he can compete on  equal footing with others. The camaraderie among his  teammates is another aspect that Max enjoys. 

Although he has only been rowing for 18  months, Max has had the honor of competing in prestigious events such as the Head of the Charles in Boston and the US Rowing Youth  Nationals. His performances at Youth Nationals  are particularly notable, winning gold in the Men’s Inclusive Double for two consecutive  years. Max sees these victories as a chance to  show others with disabilities that rowing is an accessible sport where they too can compete and excel. He hopes to inspire more individuals to participate in the event, envisioning a future  with multiple heats and finals. 

“They can be on that seat. They can have their  hands on the oars,” said Max, “and they can cross the finish line.” 

With an eye on the 2028 US Paralympic Games,  Max understands that the 2024 Games might be a bit  ambitious with only a little over a year of rowing experience. However, his indomitable spirit and dedication  the AJRA coaches believe that he has what it takes  to achieve his dream. 

AJRA Head Coach, Sarah Low, is excited for Max  in the coming year and beyond, “Max is a high-performer. He is in our top boat and he already has interest from college teams,” she said. “We can’t wait to see what he is going to achieve.” 

Atlanta Junior Rowing Association practices on the Chattahoochee River. Fall registration is now open.