Editor’s Note: The following was released by the Cobb County School District.

UPDATED POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR 1As the start of the 2021-2022 school year is approaching, Cobb County School District (CCSD) could not be more excited to welcome students, teachers, and parents. While classrooms are being made ready for students, COVID-19 has continued to impact many aspects of everyone’s lives. 

CCSD’s 2021-2022 Public Health Protocols are based on the same priorities which successfully navigated CCSD throughout last year and provide guidance for face coverings, social distancing, cleaning, isolation, quarantines, communication, and school clinics. 

Students, staff members, or parents may have additional health questions which are unique to certain students. As a student, please direct those questions to the school nurse. As a staff member, please direct those questions to a supervisor. As a parent, please direct those questions to your local school. If needed, any updates to public health protocols will be communicated through CTLS Parent, the COVID-19 page, social media channels, and weekly email delivered straight into your inbox.

As CCSD prepares for the first day of school on August 2nd, CCSD maintains their commitment to their mission as a school district: student success. CCSD greatly appreciates their One Team and especially their nurses, as they have contributed significantly to attaining their goal of student success. 

CCSD looks forward to a school year free of distraction, focused on teaching and learning, and knows their One Team will be united and ready to succeed for all Cobb students.