Name: Meg Johnson

Occupation: East Cobb Mom

Family: Will (husband), Shep, and Kelly Ann

Lived in East Cobb since: 2012

Subdivision: Chimney Springs

Age: 33

Height: 5’4”

Former Weight: 212 pounds

Current Weight: 135 pounds

Weight Lost: 80 pounds

How long did it take you to lose the weight? A little over a year.

Why You Lost Weight: My turning point was in a dressing room in East Cobb when I couldn’t recognize the girl looking back at me in the mirror. I was tired, stuck, self-conscious, and I didn’t have energy for my family.

Can you share your biggest challenge? Staying motivated even through the low points.

How Did You Lose It? I reached out to my health coach and made some changes to my nutrition. With the accountability of a coach and a structured nutrition plan…I got healthy. I lost my last 30 pounds in 10 weeks, and felt energetic, confident, and happy!

Favorite Healthy Foods: One thing that blew my mind about weight loss is that not all traditionally healthy foods are good to eat when you want to lose weight and burn fat! For example, the program I use to coach my clients taught me that Brussel sprouts while a healthy veggie, make it harder for your body to burn fat! So my favorite healthy foods depend on whether someone is trying to lose weight or just maintain their weight. I have found a love of spaghetti squash, other fresh veggies, lean meats, berries, pistachios and I love the occasional ice-cream! I learned about nutrition and the tools to learn how to make a healthy plate which impacted our whole family!

How Has Your Life Changed? I sleep better, have more energy, and I definitely have more joy. When I was struggling to lose weight, I was pretty hard on myself and negative! Getting dressed in the morning was a chore! Now, I love getting dressed and I can just live in the present!

Lesson Learned: At the end of my rope and desperate to lose those last 30 pounds, I became the mom who plays with her kids instead of watching her kids play from the couch. It has been so meaningful for me that I actually started coaching others to health, and it has been so much fun!

Have you transformed your body? Tell us how you made it happen. We want to hear all the details of your weight loss story. We want to know what led to your weight gain (please be specific), what you consider your turning point, how you lost weight and how long it took you to achieve your feel-great weight. How did you change your eating habits and physical activity? Were there any special diet tricks you used to control cravings, squeeze in exercise or meal planning or limit portions? What are your go-to products (think apps, training tools, even food scales) if any, that helped you stay on track? Email us your weight loss success story – along with before and after photos – to