Are you an athlete who experiences bladder leakage? Do you experience pain with intimacy? Do you have postpartum back pain or pelvic pain that won’t go away? Women First Rehabilitation (WFR) wants you to know, “We Got This!” This is not just a motto for them. This Women First team has the advanced training and education to treat most pelvic floor conditions that many women, and men, suffer with daily.

For well over a decade, Women First Rehabilitation has led the industry in pelvic floor rehabilitation with evidenced-based, cutting edge techniques provided by some of the highest trained pelvic floor physical therapists in the country. Their specialists spend one-onone, quality time with every individual during every appointment. Along with their compassionate staff, they go above and beyond to create a safe, secure environment for healing to take place.

“Pelvic pain and urogenital disorders impact the very heart of a suffering individual. At Women First Rehabilitation, our goal is to help every person live free of pain and assist in restoration of the whole body. We know that strong, healthy bodies improve self-esteem, confidence, interpersonal relationships and entire family units,” shares Dr. Sara Bolden, owner and pelvic floor specialist at Women First Rehabilitation and author of What a Girl Wants: The Good Girls’ Guide to Great Sex.

WFR is unique because its devoted exclusively to treating individuals with pelvic pain, urogenital disorders, fertility challenges, prenatal preparation, post-partum musculoskeletal impairments and pelvic floor dysfunctions.

The providers at Women First Rehabilitation are licensed pelvic health physical therapists with board-certification in women’s health. They offer a holistic approach to healing by providing all-natural pain-relief, bowel and bladder restoration, nutritional counseling, wholebody strengthening, functional medicine and wellness programs. They utilize their advanced knowledge in women’s health with individual subspecialty training in functional medicine, nutrition, yoga, neurology, trauma recovery and clinical education to create unique, individualized treatment plans. WFR specialists are also wives, mothers and daughters who understand the different roles women play in their day-to-day lives. As a result, they are able to set expectations and attainable goals for patients to achieve lasting results.

“I cannot thank Dr. Bolden and the Women First team enough for the amazing transformation in my health and my attitude. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and lived with constant pelvic floor and bladder pain. My symptoms were just barely managed by expensive medications and costly visits to the urologist. I just accepted that my life was always going to be that way. Fortunately, I found Women First Rehabilitation! I cannot believe the difference it’s made in my life. Every step of the way, Dr. Bolden was caring, passionate, and taught me so much about my own body. I have been able to stop three of my medications. I haven’t had to take pain medication for an interstitial cystitis “flare” in months when it used to be several times a week. I’ve been able to incorporate more foods back into my diet which before would have caused a “flare.” Intercourse with my husband is no longer painful. I feel like the old me again!” shared one WFR patient.

The time is now! Your health is important! Women First Rehabilitation says, “We Got This!” Check out their beautiful, new location at 3233 S. Cherokee Lane, Building 1000, in Woodstock. Visit for more information or call 770-485-7411.