Tired? Many are, according to an Ocere.com survey, which reported Americans lost roughly 21.4 hours of sleep weekly due to pandemic concerns last year. That’s slightly more than three hours of lost sleep nightly.

March is designated as National Sleep Awareness Month, which provides Your CBD Store owner Pamela Bauer an opportunity to step up communication efforts to elevate sleep and wellness education. Ms. Bauer wants to offer her customers with incentives to try her store’s CBD products that could improve the quantity and quality of sleep we get.

Although many thought America’s sleep issues would fade away along with the pandemic, our sleep continues to deteriorate, according to sleep experts at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. They recently reported that 60% of  people say their sleep issues are worse than ever.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) considers sleeplessness a public health concern. So do employers. Sleep deprivation is among emerging issues being addressed by human resource and benefits managers, according to the Society of Human Resource Managers, which reports insomnia is contributing to increased mental- and physical health concerns and workplace worries.

About one in four large employers offer programs to help workers get better sleep and more than half planned to implement such efforts. Retailers like East Cobb’s Your CBD Store owner Pamela Bauer report growing consumer interest in sleep products,  like its SUNMED Catchin’ ZZZs line (available in a five-Night Trial Pack).

With sleep shortages at an all-time high, there may be no better time than now to rethink our habits. Why?  Sleep is not a commodity. It cannot be caught up over a long weekend. While sleeping in a morning or two may help with so-called sleep debt, it is often not enough, according to the Sleep Foundation, which reports it can take up to four days to recover from just one hour of lost sleep.full recovery might take up to nine days, according to sleep specialists.

Sleep is critical to stress reduction, according to health experts at the CDC, who recommend that people get at least seven hours or more of restful sleep nightly. The better we sleep, the less we worry, according to a University of Pennsylvania study, which found that just seven consecutive days of bad sleep (4.5 hours) contributed to subjects feeling stressed and mentally exhausted.

At least 29 studies have found that daily exercise, regardless of the type or intensity, also helps people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, especially among people who are middle-aged or older. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, people with chronic insomnia can fall asleep about 13 minutes faster and gain up to 20 extra minutes of sleep per night by starting an exercise routine.

It’s clear that sleep is more essential now than ever and it’s time to get more of it.

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