Launching a new business on the economic roller coaster posed by a global pandemic may sound daunting. But not for Rob Jackson, the owner of Qualicare Home Care, East Cobb’s newest provider of care at home for Cobb, Cherokee and North Fulton families. The company
provides home care, help transitioning from hospital to home, hospice and palliative care, help around the house and companionship for seniors, convalescents and the many families seeking respite care for both elders and their special needs children.

“This is an exciting and perfect fit, having worked in healthcare and home services, I understand healthcare delivery from the clinical and providers’ perspectives. But the top priority should be the experience of the families receiving care. I see friends struggle to navigate options for safe, affordable help for their parents and children. There is no guidebook, it can be overwhelming to try to do it all on your own without really knowing your options,” said Jackson. “I know what a tremendous impact having a true advocate on your side can make. We team up with the entire family, custom designing a care plan and pricing that is a fit for everyone with nurse-led care.”

It is no secret that residential care homes are expensive. Jackson wants to stand apart from others by providing flexible schedules for diverse budgets, reaching those that ordinarily couldn’t afford home care–yet desperately need it. He sees it as something that shouldn’t hinge on wealth or willingness to deplete hardearned savings. He knows with a more creative model; everyone can receive excellent services, regardless of income.

Qualicare utilizes a detailed screening and methodology to match the right caregiver to each client, assuring ideal chemistry. Jackson takes great pride in how his team is passionate about helping local families. “Because our caregivers feel they receive support, respect, tools for success, and rewards for stellar service, we know we have the edge on customer value and trustworthiness from our clients, “ stated Jackson.

If you are navigating the process of caring for an aging or ill family member, Qualicare Marietta is happy to get on a call and help you understand your options or do a free consultation.

For more information, call 470-632-7400 to speak with our team or visit


>> This article was originally published on page 32 in the EAST COBBER March/April issue. <<