We are so happy you’re taking the time to learn more about EAST COBBER magazine. We’re proud of our place in the community and of our unmatched brand. Part of our mission is to make East Cobb better, and an important way we do that is by cultivating a loyal audience and offering several ways for businesses to reach them.

But let us back up for a minute. We’ve been East Cobb County’s magazine since 1993.

But there’s much more to this story. EAST COBBER magazine is about relationships. We strive to create and foster deep relationships with our audience. We hang out with our audience at events — our own and those we sponsor. We engage with our audience on social media and through email. We see them online with new stories every single day.

In short, everything we make — every magazine, every event, every tweet — is designed to strengthen the relationship we have with our audience. Our audience trusts us. They trust us to help them get the most out of living in this great community. And that trust extends across our brand, from the editorial to the advertising.

Our editors and writers and designers and photographers are professionals. They strive to create content that inspires and informs. Our photographers, graphic designers and writers are meticulous in their approach—they only want to associate their names with the best stories and the best product.

Sound familiar? It’s the way you approach your business too. By advertising with the EAST COBBER magazine brand, you are participating in our relationship with our audience and associating yourself with the best. That’s a decision and a distinction that your current and future customers will appreciate.

If you want to connect with East Cobb residents, download our media kit to see how you can benefit from advertising in the EAST COBBER.


If you’d like to discuss advertising with EAST COBBER magazine, contact our community marketing consultant:

Laren Brown:
770-880-0965 or laren@eastcobber.com
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