EAST COBBER is an essential resource for people living in East Cobb County. EAST COBBER targets East Cobb residents better than any other publication in metro Atlanta. As a marketing partner, you’ll reach more than 40,000 East Cobb residents each month. East Cobb County is comprised of the following ZIP Code areas: 30062, 30066, 30067, 30068 and some of 30075. Here is a snapshot of the East Cobb community we serve.

EAST COBBER provides local advertising solutions to help local companies and marketers gain exposure and showcase their products or services to East Cobb’s affluent and exclusive market.

We provide multi-channel, premium media solutions so small businesses can engage with their local audience who are most likely to buy.

Our magazine is the cornerstone of a business marketing platform of print, online, digital and e-newsletter advertising, and the very best event marketing.

We offer the following marketing opportunities:

  • Print Advertising: Build your brand to increase sales and visibility throughout East cobb county. Ads range from $210 to $2,590 per month.
  • Online Advertising: Web advertising provides traffic of more than 40,000 impressions per month. Ads starts at $100 per month.
  • Advertorials: Sponsored content designed to boost your business. Let us tell your brand story!
  • E-newsletter: EAST COBBER’s weekly E-newsletter creates additional awareness to drive traffic to your site from the people who matter.
  • Event Sponsorship: Prestigious event sponsorships provide unique opportunities to position your company and interact with East Cobbers in an enthusiastic setting.

If you want to connect with East Cobb residents, download our media kit to see how you can benefit from advertising in the EAST COBBER.


If you’d like to discuss advertising with EAST COBBER magazine, contact our community marketing consultant:

Laren Brown:
770-880-0965 or laren@eastcobber.com
Advising East Cobb Businesses