Experiencing a rapid or gradual decline  in hearing is a difficult time for anyone.  Hearing loss continues to serve as a common issue for many, especially those consistently exposed to loud noises or senior citizens throughout the natural aging process.  Cobb Hearing Aid Services understands this  and works hard to provide care for hearing  loss within the community. With in-depth  evaluations for each of their patients, they  provide personalized hearing aid options  that are specifically programmed to fit each  patient’s individual needs. 

“I think we’ve had a great impact, but  our patients are the ones who tell us the  most…loss of hearing has quite an effect  on individuals ranging from isolation, depression, and inappropriate responses to  questions others ask,” said Otis Whitcomb,  M.A., the practice’s founding audiologist.  “So many patients deny that they have  hearing loss and they blame it on some thing else. But overall, I think [the practice’s] impact has been positive.” 

Since 1998, Whitcomb has dispensed  hearing aids at the local practice for  patients in the Cobb County area. Patients  are provided with thorough hearing evaluations to better define their level of hearing loss and pinpoint how their respective  hearing aids need to be programmed. 

“Some [patients] have said, ‘I’ve gone to  so-and-so and all they want to do is sell  me a hearing aid,’” Whitcomb said. “What we do is try to find out what their needs are and go from there rather than trying to sell them a hearing aid.” 

With roughly 1,200 patients in their database, the practice remains busy helping residents recover their hearing each and every day. Despite evaluating adults of all ages, he regularly serves geriatric patients. 

“This location [in Marietta] has been here for over 20 years. It’s convenient,  it’s a ground-floor location, and you just  drive up to the front door and come in,”  Whitcomb said. “With the access, our  patients really like it. It’s incredibly convenient for our patients with wheelchairs  and walkers and things like that…we have  a large waiting room that is very convenient for them. We try to schedule according to time so that patients don’t have to  wait long.” 

Interestingly enough, the practice is  currently run by both Whitcomb and his  son, Keith Whitcomb, GHAS. With Keith having graduated with years of experience  performing and producing music, he now  utilizes those technical listening skills for  programming hearing aids. 

“In the music industry, they mix all  kinds of music and that is a very high-tech  skill that requires a high level of listening skills,” Whitcomb said. “He has taken  his background of listening in the music industry and learning how to program for  music and translated that to programming  high-tech hearing aids for a much more  personalized fitting.” 

Because there is a multitude of different  hearing levels and challenges, Whitcomb  stresses the importance of receiving personalized hearing care from audiology professionals as opposed to purchasing over the-counter hearing aids that can be difficult for patients to program themselves.  

Untreated hearing loss can gradually  get worse over time and may even cause  clinical depression, Alzheimer’s, and other  cognitive issues in the future. For the sake  of keeping people healthy and safe for the  long term, Whitcomb recommends early  testing as a number of studies show that  hearing loss can be treated to help prevent  cognitive decline. 

For that reason, Cobb Hearing Aid  Services offers quarterly “hearing aid  workshops” that provide a free consultation for people as an outreach for the community. The next one is set to kick off the  new year in January or February. 

Cobb Hearing Aid Services is located  at 2635 Sandy Plains Road, Suite 108  in Marietta/East Cobb. To schedule your  consultation, call 770-509-0207 or visit www.CobbHearingAidServices.com.