Late last month, the Committee for East Cobb Cityhood announced a renewed effort to move forward to initiate the formation of a  city for East Cobb residents. The initial effort that started in 2019 generated community feedback that has been incorporated into a new strategy. The East Cobb Cityhood Committee is hosting a virtual town hall to provide information to the residents of East Cobb. People who live within the boundary of the proposed new city are invited to attend. This will be a live session with Rep. Matt Dollar and East Cobb Cityhood committee members.

Those interested can register in advance to reserve a spot in the virtual town hall. You can submit questions about cityhood during the registration process. There will also be an opportunity to submit questions during the live session.

Date: April 14, 2021

Time: 6:00pm ET


If you are not available at this date and time, the public will be able to view the recording of this webinar. It will be posted shortly after the live session on the website.

For more information about the East Cobb Cityhood Committee, visit  

The East Cobb Alliance (“ECA”) has also been re-activated to fight the cityhood proposal.  The ECA is a non-partisan coalition of East Cobb residents, businesses, and stakeholders who share the common vision that there is no need to incorporate any part of Unincorporated East Cobb into an additional layer of city-government, and want to work together to educate and inform the voters who will be responsible for casting a “Yes” or “No” vote to incorporate.

They have prepared an online Survey Form to take the current pulse of East Cobb residents and affected stakeholders. Follow this link below to a Google Doc Form and answer a few questions about how you feel now about a proposed new city in East Cobb, as well as share any of your concerns.

For more information about the East Cobb Alliance, visit: