Even though Cobb County Schools are closed and the robotics competition season is on pause, the East Cobb Robotics members are still engaged and working to make a difference. The robotics team is helping the community stay safe by 3D printing face shields for our local healthcare workers. Multiple team members are collaborating virtually on this project. The team is also printing “Ear Savers” which are clips that can be used to alleviate the pressure on ears from mask elastics.

“If anyone would like info on how to get started 3D printing shields OR if you’re local and need shields, please reach out at info@eastcobbrobotics.org,” says Lisa Hatch, Executive Director of East Cobb Robotics.

FRC Team 4910 was formed in 2013 to fill a gap at the high school level in the FIRST Progression of Programs. In 2015, we transformed our high school sponsored team into an independent team – East Cobb Robotics, FRC Team 4910. East Cobb Covid Heroes: East Cobb Robotics Team 3D Printing Face Shields for Healthcare Workers 2

“At ECR we don’t just build robots, we develop young adults and strive to build a better and more educated world,” says Ms. Hatch. “We continue to fill the gap by accepting high school aged home-school, private school, and public school students who don’t have access to a FIRST program. Using FIRST values, our community team status fosters student ownership, defines our goals and vision, and strengthens the impact we have on our community.”

Humans and robots are alike in many ways. Either can be molded and shaped, taught to do tasks, and if “programmed” correctly can complete those functions autonomously. This is a founding principle of East Cobb Robotics (ECR) and FRC Team 4910, where they strive to “Build Good Humans”.

East Cobb Robotics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  If you’d like to support East Cobb Robotics, donations can be made by clicking HERE.