On November 8, East Cobb County residents will join Georgians to vote for a variety of political offices including a Governor, U.S.Congressional Representative and United States Senator. In addition to the national and state elections, the EAST COBBER has listed the local elections East Cobb citizens will be asked to vote on.

On the next few pages, the EAST COBBER has also pulled together a brief Voters Guide for some of those local races. Qualified candidates for local offices were invited to answer questions prepared by the EAST COBBER. We asked the candidates some questions and they submitted their answers (limited to a 50-word count). Candidate replies have been reprinted as received, free of edits. The EAST COBBER does not support or oppose any candidate or political party. We hope the information helps in your process to make an informed decision.

Editor’s Note: Due to a requirement that both Republican and Democrat candidates for a given race must have responded to the survey by press time, not all races have been featured in this Voters Guide. More races will be included on our online Voters Guide as responses come in.