Harry Stern’s newly released novel, My Brothers’ Keeper, is a page-turning tale of vengeance, duplicity, and betrayal. Filled with intrigue, Israeli agents, and foreign terrorists looking to wreak havoc, My Brothers’ Keeper highlights the need for the State of Israel to protect Jews worldwide.

The novel opens with a massive bomb blast in a synagogue in Budapest, bringing a brutal closure to a Bar Mitzvah, killing many and injuring former Israeli Mossad Agent Joshua Canaan. Twenty years of tracking down terrorists honed him into a legendary agent. It also put a target on his back. The synagogue blast has the trademark of his nemesis Abu Yusalem, a cunning Palestinian terrorist. Canaan is contacted by the director of Mossad, who shares Iranian and Russian plans to attack Israel and Diaspora Jews. The message is: “Now more than ever, Israel and Mossad need you back.”

The State of Israel faces a massive air assault by Iranian pilots flying state-of-the-art Russian aircraft. Iran’s Quds Force, trained and supported by Russian advisors, plans simultaneous attacks on three Diaspora communities. Israel’s military intelligence corps intercepts coded communications between the Kremlin, Iran, and Yusalem, coordinating attacks in several cities across the globe. Canaan and his sharpshooting partner, Leora Bargal, are enlisted to prevent the attacks no matter how great the cost. Israel must continue to maintain military superiority over its enemies, while keeping a wary eye on the most violent global anti-Jewish organizations. The country must be its Brothers’ Keeper.

Harry Stern’s years living in Israel gave him first-hand exposure to the country’s military and political dynamics. Extensive research of the country’s challenges, both domestic and global, strengthened his understanding of the issues facing the Jewish state.

Professionally, Stern led The Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta – among the largest Jewish centers in the country – for sixteen years. Upon retiring from his Atlanta position, he was recruited by Kennesaw State University as their Director of Global Development and charged with developing academic relationships with fifteen Arab World countries.

Stern earned his Doctor of Social Welfare degree at Columbia University, whereupon he was invited to join the faculty of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. He also served as Director of Community Development for Southern Tel Aviv. Stern currently serves on the Board of the American Jewish Committee. Additionally, he speaks regularly at educational institutions and regional conferences on Middle Eastern politics and Israeli policy issues. Stern lives in East Cobb with his wife, Aviva. They have three children and five grandchildren.

To purchase the book, visit Amazon.com/HarryStern.

This article originally appeared in the August issue. You can access the digital August edition HERE.