There’s nothing like getting lost in a good book. Under normal circumstances, books can offer a welcome break from reality, but when life throws an unexpected curveball like a cancer diagnosis, books become so much more. Books can become a lifeline, a comfort, and a much-needed escape–especially for children with cancer. 

Realizing this, East Cobb resident, Fay Morris, has planned a unique fundraiser for cancer patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She and her husband have purchased 300 copies of the children’s book, Poodle  on a Noodle by her friend, Laura Fritz. Poodle on a Noodle is a story about  the adventures of a dog who gets sick and has to  be treated including getting his hair cut. Here’s an  excerpt from the book:“Most often we are healthy but sometimes we get sick.When we are feeling really bad and things just  don’t get better, we go to the doctor to learn  what is the matter. The doctor is here to help us not hurt us,  but sometimes needles sting.If you close your eyes and think of ice cream,  you may not feel a thing.” 

The author Laura Fritz had breast cancer sever al years ago. She adopted a dog, Casey, to help  make her recovery better and to make her get  out and exercise more. She began taking Casey  to hang out at Lake Allatoona. Casey would stop  swimming and just hang out when she would put  him on a noodle. People would say “Oh, look! A  poodle on a noodle.” She began posting pictures  of her pet on her cubicle at work. One day her  boss told her the pictures were perfect for a children’s book. Thus began Laura’s journey to write a  children’s book. 

Poodle on a Noodle tells stories and has pic tures of the adventures of Casey including a birth day party, a motorcycle ride, and a day at the  beach. As a cancer survivor, Laura wanted the  book to have a positive message for young cancer  patients. The book shows children that even little  poodles lose their hair and curls and sometimes  need medical care.  

Fay explains how her fundraiser came to be,  “While Laura was telling me her story of how she  wrote Poodle on a Noodle, my retired teacher  head was thinking what a great book for children  who are suffering cancer treatments. The author,  Laura, shared that she just wished she could get  the book in the hands of children with cancer.  She already donates portions of the proceeds to  Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. My brain kicked in  and I said that this book would be in the hands of  parents and children with cancer. I committed to  Laura that Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta would  have this book in every child’s hospital room. Laura contacted Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and she was told that 300 books would be welcomed.”  So, that became the goal: to have a Poodle  on the Noodle book be placed in each cancer  patient’s room at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. 

This fundraiser is asking friends and local resi dents to purchase one or more books. Each book  is $10. Once purchased, donors can sign the inside  cover. Fay says she has extra copies if someone  wants to purchase one for a child or grandchild. 

“Once we raise enough to cover 300 books for  Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we will donate  to Children’s Cancer Center which is a support  organization that provides programs to families  that have a child diagnosed with cancer,” states  Ms. Morris. 

The fundraiser is scheduled for July 23, 2-6pm,  at Fay Morris’s house at 702 Woodmont Drive,  Marietta/East Cobb 30062. The author, Laura Fritz,  will also be in attendance at the fundraiser. 

For more information about this special book,  you can go to For  more details about the fundraiser, contact Fay  Morris at 770-712-4282 or