East Cobbers rely on EAST COBBER magazine for information and recommendations that will enhance their lives with the best our community has to offer. Nearly 25 years in the making, EAST COBBER magazine has built a brand that reaches this exclusive, upscale market across a dynamic multimedia platform. In every format our goal is the same: to deliver content and experiences that make East Cobb County residents feel good about where they live and appreciate all the local resources available to them. Choose the channel that works best for your brand and connect with an audience that only EAST COBBER magazine can offer.

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If you’d like to discuss advertising with EAST COBBER magazine with one of our community marketing consultants, call:

Michelle O’Shaughnessy:
678-357-9384 or michelle@eastcobber.com
Advising East Cobb Businesses in the Merchants Walk area and along Roswell Road.


Laren Brown:
770-880-0965 or laren@eastcobber.com
Advising Northeast Cobb Businesses