Aviation history will blast out of the museum and into the skies as Texas Raiders, a fully restored B-17 flying fortress, thunders into Cobb County International Airport May 24-27. Of the 12,731 B-17s built in the U.S., only five are still flying — including Texas Raiders. The Commemorative Air Force will be visit our airport with several World War II aircraft including:

  • B-17 bomber
  • P-51 fighter
  • Dauntless dive-bomber
  • T6 Texan trainer
  • Five-passenger Navy transport “Little Raider”

Residents can enjoy cockpit tours and living history flights Monday through Thursday, May 24-27. This event offers attendees a rare opportunity to see some of America’s most storied aircraft, featuring the accurately restored B-17, which bristles with machine guns and period-specific equipment. Flights on the various aircraft range from $100 in the Navy transport to $380 in the advanced trainer to $1,695 in the P-51 Mustang. Seats on the B-17 start at $475. Those who wish to fly can call 1-855-FLY-A-B17 (1-855-359-2217) or reserve online at B17TexasRaiders.org. See more about the event at Facebook.com/B17TexasRaiders.

The Commemorative Air Force is a nonprofit educational organization that collects, restores and flies vintage historic aircraft to educate, inspire and honor through flight.