The following was a Facebook post written by Stephen Moon while on a weekend camping trip with Boy Scout Troop 173 (his sons are members). The campout was at FD Roosevelt State Park, Pine Mountain, Georgia.

My stages of sleep while camping:

10pm: Wow, fresh air and reading a book in my tent before nodding off 3 hours earlier than normal. I don’t normally do this! This will get me good and drowsy.

11pm: That was a wonderfully refreshing hour of sleep!

12am: Left side intermittent nap. I wonder if my left hip is now broken.

1am: Right side intermittent nap. No. I think my right hip is broken.

2am: Is that a coyote? I thought I heard a coyote.

3am: 11 others–no 12–other distinct persons snoring.

4am: I must have time warped two hours. Because it felt like that was just a bunch of thinking, not sleeping.

5am: I should just get up and see a sunrise for the first time ever. I hear they are really something.

5:30am: Yay! that must have been at least 15 minutes of solid sleep.

7am: Happy, extrovert, coffee types asking me how I slept. Good. Lets do this again soon.

This article originally appeared in the EAST COBBER May/June issue. You can access the digital edition HERE.