The holidays are here,  and ‘tis the season for giving. As we shop for gifts for  our family and friends, we  all have those people on our  list that stump us as to what  to buy for them. This year,  why not give them a gift  that will improve their oral  health and help them love  their smile? Here are some  great gift ideas to keep your  family and friends’ smiles  merry and bright! 

Electric Toothbrushes.  While both a manual and  an electric toothbrush can  effectively and thoroughly  clean your teeth, dentists  often recommend electric  toothbrushes because of  their precise brushing capabilities and gentleness on  gums. Electric toothbrushes  are a particularly great gift  for those who have difficulty  brushing or who have limited manual dexterity. Dr.  Chandler’s pick: Oral B iO. 

Water Flossers. Water  flossers are handheld devices that spray streams of water in steady pulses. The  water, like traditional floss,  can remove food and plaque  from between and around  the teeth. Water flossers  help reduce gingivitis, the  early form of gum disease,  and are wonderful gifts for  people who have trouble  flossing by hand or who  have dental work that makes  flossing difficult – such  as braces or a bridge. Dr.  Chandler’s pick: Waterpik  Ion Water Flosser. 

Teeth Whitening. Whitening is a great gift  to give your loved ones so  they can smile with confidence. Products available  over-the-counter, such as  whitening toothpastes or  whitening strips, may whit en teeth but often contain  different or lower concentration bleaching agents than  what a dentist can offer.  Before purchasing an over the-counter whitening kit,  consider purchasing these  bleaching options from your  dentist: ZOOM in-office  professional bleaching is a whitening experience that  delivers results in one hour  rather than over a span  of several days. At Cheek  Dental, we include custom  bleach trays with the ZOOM  experience so that you can  touch-up and maintain your  whiter smile over time. For  those that prefer an at-home  experience, Opalescence Go  is a professional strength  bleaching kit that is ready to  use right out of the package!  

Botulinum Toxin/Dermal Fillers. For family and friends who are  self-conscious of their fine  lines and wrinkles or who  suffer from headaches or TMJ pain, a gift certificate  for Botulinum toxin (Botox/ Xeomin) can be a wonder ful gift. Botulinum toxin,  when injected into targeted  muscle areas, can block the  nerve impulses controlling  muscle contraction, thus  relaxing the muscles and  reducing the appearance of  wrinkles as well as improving headaches and TMJ  pain. Another way to smooth   wrinkles is with hyaluronic  acid-based dermal fillers  (such as Revanesse Versa).  Dermal fillers have been  shown to correct moderate  to severe facial wrinkles,  such as nasolabial folds, and  can also provide volume and  fullness to lips.  

All of these products and services are available at  Cheek Dental. If any are of  interest to you, please call  us and allow us to discuss  their benefits more with you.  Happy Holidays! 

Dr. Kristina Chandler practices at Cheek Dental here in East Cobb. You may contact her at 770-993-3775 or visit