For over 24 years, Safe America has been dedicated to helping everyone be better-prepared to deal with emergencies or catastrophes. And whether natural or man-made, Safe America is committed to helping all victims recover.

That’s why Safe America is launching an informational campaign this spring to help every Georgian know how to mitigate the consequences of being victimized by violent criminal activity.  For example, did you know there are services available to help reimburse your expenses as a result of becoming victimized?

And if you or a loved one has been a victim/witness of a violent crime, did you know that if you incurred expenses or found your income reduced because of a crime, that Georgia’s Crime Victim Compensation Program can help you ease your financial burdens?

Have You Been a Victim of Crime? If So, There’s a Way To Be Helped 1When other resources are exhausted, the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program (Victims Comp) may be able to assist you with up to $25,000 in compensation for expenses and loss of income or support as a result of the victimization. Their programs may also help you access court ordered restitution, secure the placement of a memorial for a loved one killed by an impaired driver, and more.

Want to know if you may qualify? If so, answer the following questions to see if you qualify for Victims Compensation:

  1. Did the crime take place in Georgia?
  2. Did the crime take place within the past three years?
  3. Was the crime reported to the authorities?  (Such as law enforcement, adult or child protective services, school system, courts, medical authorities, or other official government investigative agency)

Does one of these describe your experience related to a violent crime?

  1. You were physically injured or witnessed a crime
  2. You were hurt trying to help a victim
  3. You are the parent or guardian of someone who was killed or injured
  4. You depended on someone for financial support who was killed
  5. You are not the victim, but have been paying bills related to the crime
  6. Your child was the victim and you relied on the offender for financial support
  7. You were the victim of family violence who relied on the offender for financial support
  8. You suffered serious mental or emotional trauma as a result of being threatened or being present during a crime

Does the crime fall into a category other than Property or Identity Theft?

Do you (or the victim) have one or more of these expenses as a result of the crime that was not reimbursed by insurance or another source?

  1. Medical, Dental or Counseling Expenses (including copays or deductibles)
  2. Loss of Income or Support
  3. Funeral Expenses
  4. Crime Scene Sanitization Expenses

If you answered yes to any of these questions call (800) 547-0060 to speak to a trained customer specialist who can answer questions or connect you with advocates who can help you apply for victim services and/or programs. Learn more by contacting:

GA Crime Victims Compensation Program
104 Marietta Street NW, Suite 440
Atlanta, GA 30303
(800) 547-0060
(404) 657-2222

District Attorney’s Office
Cobb Judicial Circuit – Victim Witness Unit
70 Haynes Street
Marietta, GA 30090

And to help those victimized, email or call 678-437-4116 and study Safe America’s HUMANS Care program at

Have You Been a Victim of Crime? If So, There’s a Way To Be Helped 2 Have You Been a Victim of Crime? If So, There’s a Way To Be Helped 3