The quest for good grades and success in school can be fulfilled if you know the right place to look for it. For East Cobbers, that place is Huntington Learning Center. Adhering to the philosophy that one size does not fit all students, Huntington is a local leader in tutoring and test prep. It has faithfully served the East Cobb community for more than 20 years and has changed the lives of more than 2,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

When is the right time for a student to seek help from Huntington? Frank Fabregas, co-owner of Huntington’s East Cobb location along with his wife Montse, identifies situations such as when a student is having difficulties in a specific subject, experiencing low self-esteem due to poor grades, or wanting at the high school level to improve SAT or ACT scores to expand his or her college options.

“I have never met a student who couldn’t do the academic work that was expected of him or her,” says Fabregas. “That student simply needed to build the skills necessary to do well in school.

HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER HELPS KIDS AND TEENS ACHIEVE ACADEMIC SUCCESS“I like to use the analogy of teaching someone to swim,” continues Fabregas. “We will use John as an example. John sinks underwater each time he steps into the pool because he can’t swim. We start John off in the shallow end to learn basic swimming skills. He then becomes confident in his ability to tread into deeper water, ultimately swimming the entire length of the pool. John can now swim anywhere at any time. It’s the same at Huntington. Once a student masters the skills, that student can depend upon and trust in those academic skills forever.”

Mastering the skills involves following a path that is proven to produce results. Fabregas cites the statistic that the average percentage for improving reading comprehension is 48 percent for students who complete the Huntington program, which lasts typically three to six months.

Here is how it works: For each new student, Huntington conducts a comprehensive academic evaluation and then a personalized learning plan is developed to meet the student’s needs. That student receives personalized tutoring to help him or her learn at an individual pace to build skills, confidence, and motivation. Regular conferences with parents to discuss student’s progress take place.

Although Huntington has been in East Cobb for 20 years, Frank and Montse purchased the franchise four years ago and have been diligently working to improve every aspect of Huntington’s services. In fact, in October 2018, the East Cobb center was awarded the Huntington Chairman’s Award for superior customer service. Eileen Huntington, CEO and co-founder, was quoted as saying, “Francesc and Montse are very deserving of the award. They are an asset to the Huntington organization and individuals who sincerely care about helping children succeed and become better students.”

East Cobb parents seem to agree with the Huntington CEO. Reviews on Huntington’s website further demonstrate the commitment of the East Cobb center’s staff to student success. One parent wrote in June 2018: “In January, we were told our son had no possibility of catching up to be promoted to second grade in the time left. Huntington identified the holes in his education. They put a plan together specific for him. The instructors are remarkable. My son is confident and happy with learning. In April, we were told he would be promoted to second grade. In May, we were told he may be selected for the gifted program in the second grade.”

More recent reviews include:

> “Daily communication with parent on child’s progress. I also like the progress my daughter made on her ACT while being on the program.”

> “We are very impressed with the tutoring our son has received. His testing scores improved dramatically in just 26 hours.”

If your student is experiencing difficulty in math, reading, writing, study skills, or needs SAT or ACT prep, visit to learn more. It’s located in the East Cobb Crossing shopping center, 4381 Roswell Road, Suite 240. For an appointment, call 770-977-3112.

This article originally appeared in our January issue of EAST COBBER, on pages 10-11. Click here to view the digital edition.