(Photo of House Speaker David Ralston by Melissa Stiers)

The snow didn’t deter lawmakers from getting to work on Monday, january 10, to start the 2011 legislation session.

Most lawmakers made it to their seats to be sworn in.

House Speaker Republican David Ralston says it was a day of cooperation among lawmakers and state agencies to get everyone to work, but they didn’t really have a choice.

“If you read the law of Georgia we didn’t have an option. It said you shall meet on the second Monday of January each year so we had to be here today and so we’re here and we’re doing the people‘s work,” says Ralston.

Lawmakers re-elected Ralston to his post today. He says this session begins on a brighter note than last year.

“It’s going to be a challenging session, there’s no doubt about it I feel more optimistic about this session than last year I think here in the house things have a lot of stability.”

It was less stable in the state senate today where members decided to strip some power from Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle. He will no longer have the ability to appoint committee members.

That job will be done by a special committee made up of eight senators. Cagle will still direct bills to the various committees, but he’ll have little power over their fate.

Originally published on gpb.org website, reporter: Melissa Stiers