As I sat at the Kennesaw State University convocation center, waiting for my middle child, Nikos, and his 630+ fellow classmates receive their high school diplomas, I looked around and saw so many familiar faces. From the moms and dads that I have crossed paths with at Chuck E. Cheese, PTA meetings and soccer fields to Nikos’ friends and classmates he’s had since preschool to the high school teachers and administrators– we were all settling in to share in this milestone together. Of course, I was bursting with pride that my son had successfully navigated the trials and tribulations of high school, but I could not help but feel so proud to be a part of this community that values education. I am grateful for the many parents that take the time to volunteer (both inside and out of school) to make this little East Cobb “bubble” a better place, and educators that encourage excellence in academics, sports and so many other worthy causes. My thanks and hugs to all of you who have helped my son directly or indirectly become a wonderful, independent young man ready to launch into the next phase of his life.

This June/July issue is another monthly effort to spotlight East Cobb residents that excel in their fields or are contributing to our quality of life. The outstanding people featured in this edition—from Danny Downing, the EAST COBBER’s Dad of the Year (see page 8) to the Rotary Club members putting together their annual Dog Days Run (see page 20) to the high school valedictorians (see page 10)— are right here in our own backyards. I hope after reading this edition, like every edition, you will not only learn a little bit more about what is going on in our community but also be inspired by the people that make East Cobb such a great place to live!

Have a great summer!


Letter From the Publisher: Celebrating a Milestone