If you see a car with a purple hippopotamus on top or a Volkswagen with braces and eyelashes, give the driver a wave. They are traveling the streets of East Cobb to introduce newcomers to the community. Appropriately named Harry the Hippo and Betsy the Beetle, they respectively belong to Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces. These two businesses have joined together to provide East Cobb with full-service oral health care. Located at 1111 Johnson Ferry Road in Suites 100 and 200, their adjoining offices are as creative and inviting as their transportation.

Opening their doors is a tale of “coming home” for the dentist and orthodontists who collaborated on the new locations. Dr. Azi Nia, DMD, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, of Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Frashid Nia, DMD, MSD and Dr. Farah Kar, DDS, MS, MSc of Braces Braces live or had lived in the vicinity and wanted to open an East Cobb location.

Familiar on both professional and personal levels, these doctors worked toward the goal until it became a reality in April 2017. This is the first joint venture between Braces Braces, which has seven metro Atlanta locations, and a board certified pediatric dentist. According to Dr. Frashid Nia, who is the Braces Braces clinical director, the joint venture idea originated at Nia Pediatric Dentistry in Canton where Dr. Azi provided dental care for children, and he provided orthodontic care. Patients felt it was beneficial having both services in one place, so Dr. Frashid Nia and Dr. Azi decided to make that happen in East Cobb. The new offices of Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces now share a common door, making the step to getting braces a seamless one.

“When there is a need for braces, the patient is examined by Dr. Azi and Dr. Kar on an ongoing basis and will receive braces at the optimal time,” explains Dr. Nia. “Doctors communicate better in this scenario, and the result is a healthy, beautiful smile. Having the dentist and orthodontist under one roof also saves parents time in regards to travel and scheduling.”

The smiles that Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces create are just as vibrant when you enter the offices as when you exit. Colorful and fresh, the office décor simply makes you smile when you walk in. Because it is specifically geared toward children, Nia Pediatric Dentistry is a child’s oasis. A blue elephant reading a book greets you in the waiting room along with the ever-running Disney channel and a designated playroom. Wall murals display a different scene at every corner. Although Braces Braces is for all ages (Dr. Kar’s oldest patient is 88), its seasonal, fun décor is enchanting as well. With a career in fine arts and architecture prior to becoming an orthodontist, Dr. Kar’s love of art is apparent.

When you experience the caring environment and unsurpassed skills that these doctors offer, the smiles continue. Both offices offer the latest in technological advancements and treatments. And just like the doctors, each support team member is committed to ensure that patients receive the best care available.

According to Dr. Azi, she and her Nia support team treat each patient as family. “Parents are welcome to join their children for treatments,” she says. “We also have an infant room where I can examine the youngest patients in a safe, happy environment. From the kid-friendly décor to our ongoing training, everything we do is to create a positive experience for each child.”

In addition to standard pediatric dental services, Dr. Azi also offers hospital dentistry, as well as laser dentistry for infants who have breastfeeding issues. At Braces Braces, Dr. Ambre Kragor, DDS, MS has joined Dr. Kar at the East Cobb location. As the clinical director, Dr. Nia is also active with every case. Therefore, each patient receives the benefit of the collective opinions of all three highly skilled orthodontists.

“Our goal is to honor everyone’s unique smile,” says Dr. Kar. “No cookie cutter cases here. We work with each patient until that person achieves the smile that is just right for him or her.”

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, orthodontist or just want to see the blue elephant, there is an open house for the community on Saturday, June 3 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Stop by both offices at 111 Johnson Ferry Road for kids’ activities and an introduction to the staff. For more information: www.NiaDentistry.com or call 770-479-9999; www.Braces-Braces.com or call 770-222-2322.

Smiles Available at Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces 1

Ellie the Elephant

Smiles Available at Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces 2

Nia Pediatric Dentistry’s Infant room

Smiles Available at Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces 3

Nia Pediatric Dentistry

Smiles Available at Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces 4

Harry the Hippo and Betsy the Beetle

Smiles Available at Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces 5

Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Braces Braces