East Cobb resident Debbra Stephens, author of The Jesus Touch, Prepared, ID’d and Crowned, has written Christmas Travelers—Daily Readings for the Christmas Season. Debbra hopes her daily devotionals will help the reader reclaim the peace and joy of Christmas.

“There are so many distractions during the holidays, as well as added stressors that wreak havoc—which is precisely why I prepared these daily devotionals for the Christmas season,” says Debbra.

Christmas Travelers features different people who journeyed in search of the Christ, as found in the biblical narrative. In considering each encounter, the reader is sure to discover that they have much in common and share the same need to draw near. It’s the perfect resource to guide hearts and focus minds on the real wonder and beauty of the season. This devotional book also provides a means for families to enrich their holiday tradition and make lasting memories.

Use Christmas Travelers as your ticket to transport your heart and holiday this Christmas. For more information on the author and her published works, please visit www.DebbraStephens.com.

An East Cobb resident since 1991, Debbra is the mother of Breana and Dylon, who are both attending college. She is also a woman’s ministry leader at Burnt Hickory Church of Christ in West Cobb.

Here’s an excerpt from Christmas Travelers:

December 1st
Fit for Travel

Traveling is to Christmas what pilgrims are to Thanksgiving. Airports bustle, bus depots buzz, highways jam – because Christmas is the season for traveling. It goes back in history as far as…well, Mary and Joseph.
I invite you to travel along with me on a 25-day journey. Not by train, plane, or automobile – but by story. Together, we’ll stroll through the Biblical record of people moving toward the Christ. Our destination is not Christmas, mind you – but the Christ of Christmas. So, as we travel there December days to Christmas, let’s travel towards Christ Jesus.
The first traveler of Christmas we’ll look at, here on Day One of our journey, is the one in the mirror.
Take time today to examine your traditions to see the meaning and purpose that lies behind them. Ask yourself if you truly understand what it is you believe about what you’re celebrating.
Typically, traveling requires much preparation. It calls for advance planning and packing. Don’t pack. In fact, it’s best if you unpack. Unpack your hurries and worries…your unrealistic expectations. Empty your mind of unnecessary baggage and clear your overpacked schedule. Simply commit to take time out each day to sojourn with Jesus.
So, check your baggage here at the gate. Honestly assess your fitness for travel – heart, mind, soul and strength…


This article originally appeared in the December issue of EAST COBBER, on page 10. Click here to view the digital edition.