Animal/Breed: Cat

Age & Gender: 2 years old/male

Favorite Food: Green olives

Favorite Person: Hunter

Best Trick: Bexley wakes us up every morning at the same time (6:30am) without hesitation, he always lets us know its time to wake up and feed him breakfast! After breakfast, he becomes very hyper and runs through the house crazily for playtime.

Turn Ons: Bexley loves to be talked to, he does talk back as well!

Turn Offs: Bexley does not like to be rubbed/scratched anywhere except his head or neck.

Favorite Toy: Toy mouse, he will take every toy mouse around the house (about 15 of them) and hide them down in the basement for himself only, not to share with our other 2 cats.

What makes your pet so special: Bexley was adopted from Jacksonville Humane Society as a playmate and companion for my son. He has become a best friend to Hunter and a family member to each of us. He is a very sweet cat and loves to be talked to as well as vocalizing himself for the entire house to hear. He’s our alarm clock in the mornings, hes our sleeping buddy as well as a true companion. He sleeps on a pillow beside my son in the bed every night.

Submitted by Amber McDonald

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