Do you have some old computers laying around your home or office? Consider donating them to a good cause with the World Computer Exchange (WCE) Atlanta Chapter.

WCE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting old computers, laptops, iPads and other technology in order to refurbish. Once they are back in working order, educational software is installed on the computer and then shipped to developing countries.

WCE was first established in Boston in 2000. The Atlanta Chapter of World Computer Exchange was founded in January of 2018 by Wheeler High School student Howard Hua and East Cobb resident and the Atlanta chapter coordinator, Jessica Tang.

“We received our first donation of computers in early 2018 and received our first corporate donation in late 2018,” says Jessica. “So far we have received about 100 computers from 3 companies and more than 50 people.”

WCE’s Atlanta Chapter is the only branch serving Georgia and the southeast area. In addition to fixing and donating computers, WCE also goes around Marietta and the East Cobb area giving lectures to young minds about technology and the internet. Jessica is very passionate about the work she does with this organization.

“The most rewarding part of WCE is being able to give back to the less fortunate through community service,” Jessica says. “The metro Atlanta area has many businesses. A lot of Fortune 500 companies have major branches in Atlanta, as well. Expanding WCE service to Atlanta benefits both sides by collecting more computers and giving students in developing countries the ability to connect into a digital age, which promotes scholarly research and advanced communication with others.”

The Atlanta chapter is currently accepting donations. “We encourage people to think of donating computers to us,” Jessica says. “Our donations are tax-deductible and all donated computers will be sent around the world to those in need.” In addition, all donated computers with hard drives are thoroughly wiped using a military-grade data destruction algorithm that guarantees the safety of your personal files.

The Atlanta chapter is also looking for summer break volunteers to restore and repair computers, bag mice, speakers and keyboards, and prepare software for the donated computers.

For more information on how to donate or becoming a summer break volunteer, you can contact Jessica at or visit Please include a list of the computers you would like to donate. They are currently only accepting computers 10 years old or newer (Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon X2 or newer) and computer-related accessories (no printers, no CRT TVs).