This month’s front cover features East Cobber John White, Owner of Panacea Plumbing, and his team; Dustin White, David Hobart, Curtis McMillen, Jake Rubino, Jack Drook, and Bryce Gaskin.

John is a Master Plumber with over a decade of experience and is a Vice President of the Georgia chapter of the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC). He is a leader in advocating new technology that best serves the customer’s evolving needs, and he and his team are also extensively trained in the tried and true basics.

“One of the big issues encountered in East Cobb homes is sewer line damage due to either grease/soap buildup or tree root intrusion. We have invested in a new Hot Hydro Jetter that is unique in the industry. Using hot water and a bio-enzyme cleaner, the jetter breaks down and dissolves any unwanted matter that clogs the sewer line,” shares John.

Panacea Plumbing provides East Cobb and beyond with quality plumbing installation, repairs and service.

For more information about this locally-owned and operated business, read page 6 or visit www.panacea. plumbing.

If your home needs plumbing services, call Panacea Plumbing at 404-644-7549.

Front cover photo taken by Jeremy Adamo.