It’s Saturday night at 10pm. You walk into your kitchen to discover water pouring out from beneath the sink. Don’t be that person who panics with no idea who to call. Always be prepared with proven service providers’ contact information in case of emergencies, especially a plumber where water damage can escalate in a matter of minutes. Finding the right plumber before it’s urgent and establishing a relationship should be high on every homeowner’s list.

For East Cobbers, Panacea Plumbing, which was established in 2016, has spent the last four years serving the community. According to Tracy White, business manager and co-owner with her husband John White, Panacea is committed to keeping the perimeter of its service area small so technicians can easily address emergency needs. With 24/7 service, one of Panacea’s five service trucks is in East Cobb at most anytime day or night.

“Establishing relationships is a mission for us,” explains Tracy. “If you are a repeat customer, we know you and will get to your home or business quickly if it’s urgent. If it can wait a bit, we will establish a convenient time for you and meet you then. Also through these relationships, we have become familiar with the particular problems that homeowners and business owners in our community face. We have responded with investments in equipment and quality resources that provide solutions to these problems.”

One of the issues encountered in East Cobb homes is sewer line damage due to either grease/soap buildup or tree root intrusion. The solution can be best addressed through equipment that not just every plumber carries in the truck. According to John White, Master Plumber and Panacea co-owner, the company has invested in a new Hot Hydro Jetter that is unique in the industry. Using hot water and a bio-enzyme cleaner, the jetter breaks down and dis- solves any unwanted matter that clogs the sewer line.

“Our homes are our biggest investments,” says John. “It’s important for homeowners to ensure that their drainage systems are viable because that directly contributes to home values. Maintaining these systems can keep homeowners from having to dig up their yards should a problem progress to the point of no return.”

A second East Cobb home issue is pinhole leaks in copper pipes. “Copper pipes don’t last a lifetime as once believed,” says John. “It’s closer to 40 years. And in East Cobb, we are seeing copper piping break down even earlier due to the manner in which copper reacts with our particular environment. Patching pinhole leaks doesn’t solve the underlying problem, which is the inside of the pipe.”

Again, Panacea has a solution – replacing copper pipes with Uponor PEX Plumbing Systems, which feature flexible, durable plastic piping products instead of metal to distribute water. Anticipating customer needs, Panacea has invested in the special tools required to install Uponor pipes.

As a board member of the of the Georgia PHCC (Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association), John realizes the importance of continuing education for himself and his employees. As a result, Panacea has designed a four-year apprenticeship program to ensure all employees are extensively trained and produce quality work. The apprentices attend calls with licensed plumbers. They also rotate so each apprentice works with different plumbers during training, providing a deeper understanding of the skill sets that are brought to the job.

A quick Google search illustrates Panacea’s proven reliable service to the East Cobb community. After just one visit, a customer states, “Panacea will be the first company I call for any future plumbing needs.”


Panacea Plumbing is located at 1582 Williams Dr., Ste. 300, Marietta. Contact 404-644-7459 or for truthful, upfront pricing, outstanding warranties, and any emergencies 24/7. For more information, visit www.panacea. plumbing.