In the heart of Marietta, where baseball diamonds and community spirit converge, the 6-4-3 Foundation and the 6-4-3 DP Baseball families weave a legacy of compassion and support. The 6-4-3 Foundation proudly announces its ongoing commitment to backing this noble cause aimed at raising breast cancer awareness and supporting those fighting the battle. This tradition, honoring mothers and advocating for an issue close to many, stands as a symbol of solidarity within the community.

The genesis of this initiative was sparked by an East Cobb couple, DJ & Marla Huyck, whose son played at 6-4-3. Moved to action by the fight against breast cancer, they initiated fundraising efforts in support of a couple of moms within the 6-4-3 family who were battling breast cancer. What started as a small endeavor has flourished into a monumental movement. What was initially referred to as “It’s The Journey,” is now known as the Georgia Alliance for Breast Cancer.

Each year, the 6-4-3 players and their families proudly don pink jerseys, shirts, and hats, especially over Mother’s Day weekend, to shine a light on breast cancer care, prevention, and research. The 6-4-3 Foundation ensures that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items go directly to the Georgia Alliance for Breast Cancer, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to breast care and reducing disparities in cancer outcomes.

Mary Litman, Executive Director of the 6-4-3 Foundation, expressed her gratitude, saying, “We are thrilled to have had the support of the 6-4-3 baseball families for this initiative over the past 14 seasons. It is heartwarming to see all of the pink jerseys on Mother’s Day each year and know that we are supporting an organization whose work is important to so many people.”

The annual two-day walk is scheduled for September 28 – 29, 2024. Last year alone, the 6-4-3 Foundation raised an impressive $8,000 for the cause, thanks to the generosity of families across thirty 6-4-3 teams. Since its inception in 2013, the 6-4-3 Foundation has raised over $60,000 in the battle against breast cancer and nearly $15,000 raised and donated by 6-4-3 teams before the foundation’s existence. With $75,000 in funds raised, the impact made within the community is profound, showcasing the unwavering support given by 6-4-3 families.

The 6-4-3 Foundation, the charitable arm of 6-4-3 DP Athletics, is a 501(c)(3) Georgia not-for-profit corporation. The foundation focuses on three primary areas of charitable support: scholarship assistance programs, community improvement and outreach efforts, and volunteer service projects. Through its unwavering commitment, the 6-4-3 Foundation stands as a beacon of hope, rallying the community in the fight against breast cancer, one step at a time. For more information, visit