Question: Why are you excited about joining the Dodgen school community?
Answer: “I have worked exclusively with middle school students for my entire career.  I love this age! Dodgen is an outstanding school, and I’m excited to serve the students and staff in the community where I live! My goal as a leader is to continue and extend that academic success by providing the very best education and academic environment for our students.”

Question: What does student success look like to you?  
Answer: “When students are being successful they are involved in the school community and enjoy coming to school. Most importantly they are confident so that they can be resilient when they encounter challenges.”

Question: What do you like most about being an educator/principal?  
Answer: “Without a doubt, it’s the kids. I love the hopefulness that kids have about the future and the joy that comes with learning new skills. I love that every day is different and exciting when you work with students.”

Question: Outside school, where might students, parents or staff members run into you?  
Answer: “I may meet you on a local tennis court for an ALTA or USTA match, or I’m supporting my children in their activities. My two boys are highly involved in their school music programs, and both are also year-round swimmers.”

Reprinted from the Cobb County School District website.