When John White pondered a name for his family plumbing business nearly 3 years ago, he and his wife Tracy, a native East Cobber, sought one that would encompass all his customer’s potential needs: quality plumbing repairs, home renovations that are energy efficient, assuring the safest, cleanest water supply to homeowners and most importantly, at the lowest possible price. He wanted their business to be more than the average plumbing company, to be the solution to all water problems, a panacea. And today it has proven to be just that. Business has more than doubled and attention to stellar customer service is as consistent as the day the company began.

Panacea Plumbing provides service for all plumbing emergencies, water heater repairs and tankless water heater installation, water filtration systems, as well as custom bathroom design and installation. There is an explosion of East Cobbers renovating their homes not just for additional space, style or curb appeal, but to create a “smart home,” one in which energy and water efficiency contributes to the value of the home.

Today all of us try to make healthy choices, buying organic produce, protecting our skin from the sun, sensitive to the quality of the air we breathe and what we ingest. Have you questioned if your home is contributing to your healthy lifestyle? Without a quality filtration system, homeowners cook in water filled with toxic chemicals, as well as bathe and wash their clothes in them. In addition, a comprehensive filtration system can help prevent corrosion to plumbing pipes caused by toxins in your water.

John notes that “pinhole leaks” in East Cobb has become a near epidemic. Repiping with the most resilient pipes, PEX (density polyethylene which makes water less corrosive and leads to fewer pinholes) is the solution to preventing surprise flash floods and assuring the quality of the water running through your home.


Fixture installation

As a vice president of the Georgia PHCC (Plumbing, Cooling and Heating Contractors Association), John feels like he is always participating in a non-stop continuing education class, building on his Master certification. Nuggets of wisdom he gained include that it is a myth that copper pipes last a lifetime, rather, closer to 40 years. He also learned that patching pinhole leaks that are dripping water doesn’t solve the true underlying problem—the inside of the pipe.

A quick Google search will illustrate that John “walks the talk” in his commitment to consistently going above and beyond for his customers. Panacea is top-rated in every review, having the top, five-star ratings among hundreds of plumbers serving East Cobb and has never received a negative review.

“Panacea repiped our East Cobb home quickly after finding that the copper in our slab had leaks,” said Cara Barron, a happy customer. “We were shocked to find after opening up the ceilings that ALL of our copper had pin-hole leaks, even though spots had not yet started to appear on the ceiling. John and his crew made it as painless as possible. It was a relief to finally stop worrying about when the next inevitable flood would come.”

Contact Panacea Plumbing at 404-644-7549 for truthful, upfront pricing, outstanding warranties and any emergencies you have, 24/7 or email Solutions@panacea.plumbing.

This article originally appeared in the March issue of EAST COBBER, on page 6. Click here to view the digital edition.