A Unique Initiative to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Personality Plates by AmyWynne Designs was created by local artist and entrepreneur Amy Rees as a tribute to the women that have supported, motivated, and inspired her throughout her life. The vibrant energy of friendship, sisterhood, and shared experience is reflected in colorful designs made to celebrate our journeys and connections as women.

Rees recently partnered with It’s The Journey, Inc., whose mission is to engage with Georgia’s breast cancer community to increase access to care and reduce disparities in cancer outcomes, to launch her newest line, the Sisters In Pink Collection.

“Our Sisters In Pink initiative is more than a collection of plates; it’s a tribute to every woman who has faced the unfathomable journey of breast cancer with courage and resilience,” said Amy.

This unique edition of Personality Plates goes beyond functional art and creative expression; it stands as a commitment to both increasing awareness and facilitating funding in the relentless battle against breast cancer. AmyWynne Designs, LLC is pledging 10% of the proceeds from this collection to It’s the Journey.

“My mom, Bobbi, is one of the reasons I wanted to create this line. I can’t even call her a breast cancer ‘survivor’ because she didn’t ‘survive’ life, she is living it to its fullest! I wanted to share her powerful story,” shares Amy.

Bobbi’s Story

In 1957, Amy’s mom, Roberta “Bobbi” Strauss, discovered a lump in her breast. At a time when topics like breast cancer were often shrouded in secrecy, Bobbi felt she needed to bear her burden in silence. It was believed then, that Bobbi, age 18, was the youngest person to have a mastectomy. “When she was in the hospital dealing with this devastating reality, she would wake up to photographers or students standing around her taking notes.” Amy explained, “They treated her as if she were a medical phenomenon. They forgot that she was also an 18-year-old girl.”

Between the societal taboos and lack of understanding in the 60s, Bobbi was left feeling alone and at times forgotten. It had been decided that her mastectomy would be kept a secret. “Part of it was the stigma; part of it was my own insecurities about someone finding out what had happened to my body,” said Bobbi.

“I didn’t go shopping with, or have sleepovers with, my friends; I couldn’t even sleep over at the Sorority house. I just didn’t want anyone to know my secret. It left me feeling very alone.”

“The Sisters in Pink collection is a symbol of our collective hope for a future where early detection, comprehensive treatments, and open conversations about breast cancer become the norm, not the exception,” says Rees. “A world where everyone can get access to the care, support, and financial aid they need if diagnosed with breast cancer.”

It’s The Journey is a registered 501c3 non-profit that raises funds to support breast health and breast cancer programs throughout the Georgia.

For more information about Bobbi’s story and the Sisters in Pink collection, visit: www.personalityplates.com/ collections/sisters-second-edition.