Animal/Breed: Reptile/Blue-tongued Skink

Age & Gender: 3 years old/Male

Favorite Food: Raspberries

Favorite Person: Me (Hannah Greco)

Best Trick: Maury has an excellent balancing act. He can stand on his two back feet to reach for treats.

Turn Ons: Maury loves when you scratch his head with your pinky finger. He also loves snuggling under blankets. He’ll go right to sleep.

Turn Offs: Maury does not like belly rubs.

Favorite Toy: Maury loves breaking open eggs with his mouth; it’s more of a game than feeding time for him.

What makes your pet so special: Maury is such an obscure pet to have and is very misunderstood. Lots of people fear him or assume he has no personality because he is a lizard. Blue tongued skinks are very affectionate towards their owners. They can recognize their owner’s scent, voice and even the vibrations of their footsteps! Maury is a great companion and very fun once you get to know him!

Submitted by Hannah Greco.

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