Seeking employment?

Having difficulty writing an effective resume and/or generating interviews?

Not receiving offers from interviews?

Unclear on how best to negotiate your desired salary?

You’re not alone.

For most, a job search is a stressful and intimidating process. It is also a complicated procedure, requiring successful navigation of multiple hurdles imposed by a prospective employer, each step becoming more unwieldy as the selection process becomes more stringent. Adding to the stress is the possibility of rejection, which can occur anywhere along the line.

Consider this typical search scenario:

  • Preparation of a Cover letter and Resume
  • Job Submission and Follow-up Procedures
  • Application Completion and Information Disclosure,
  • Phone-screening Protocols
  • Face-to-Face Interviewing Strategies
  • Reference Gathering and Background Check Procedures
  • Negotiation Strategies and Offer Generation
  • The Resignation Process

Yet, under such difficult odds, many people conduct job searches unsystematically, without proper advisement, often making critical strategic mistakes – then, unwittingly, repeating the same mistakes with the next potential employer. In any competitive marketplace, these oversights and errors must be eliminated.

I am a 30+ year independent recruiter and employment counselor. Having worked with hundreds of decision-makers, I’ve identified the mechanisms/patterns by which most employers select and reject candidates. Such information, while vital, is not normally available to the job seeker, as most hiring officials are mandated not to discuss the employer’s hiring rationale. However, as an independent, I am under no such obligation. Should you retain my services, I work for you.

For hundreds of job seekers, the feedback received and subsequent recommendations I’ve made – pragmatic advice, strategies and tips that most candidates cannot obtain on their own – have proven to be invaluable in eliminating costly tactical errors, reducing the unpredictability and stress of the search process and, ultimately, maximizing the likelihood of success.

I would like to pass this information along to you.

For more information, contact Richard Reichner, RFR Affiliates at or 770-310-4266.