Are you proud to be an American?  Are you Proud to be an East Cobber?  Show us your patriotic pictures and tell us why you’re proud to be an American! We will feature ‘Proud American’ photos leading up to July 4th! There are many ways to express and capture patriotism. What does patriotism look like to you?

With Fourth of July just around the corner, we’re offering our readers a chance to share their patriotic photos.  What is a patriotic photo? It could be a veteran whose memory lives on in a photo captured long ago. It could be a member of the military serving today. Or it could be your pet dressed in red, white and blue. It could be a child standing at attention, hand over heart, while the National Anthem plays. Share your patriotic photos with us at Put on your subject line, “Patriotic Pics”.

So, which photo are you going to submit? We’re looking forward to seeing your patriotic pic and so are your neighbors. Send your patriotic pic to:  We’ll share it on our Instagram account.