After spending years unhappy with how I looked and felt, I joined Sparkle Wellness in February 2019. I was a 45-year-old wife and mom of three who worked part time as a real estate attorney. I was active since my late teens, a consistent exerciser and marathoner. I battled with weight and healthy eating. I ran twenty miles, then ate highly processed foods with heavy fat and sugar. I  labeled myself “good” when I ate well and “bad” when I “fell off the wagon” daily. I was in a perpetual battle and remember telling Jacynta Harb, of Sparkle Wellness, I wanted to find peace. 

I knew Jacynta from attending her weight loss classes at a major weight loss corporation and left inspired by her enthusiasm and encouragement. It was that positive leadership style that convinced me to attend Sparkle Wellness. At our first meeting, I looked around the Sparkle office for products or plans she would try selling. I was confused there were no packages or boxes to buy.  

Instead, I discovered Sparkle Wellness was changing negative mindsets, teaching new healthy habits, and  focusing on eating real foods. I signed up for one-on-one  coaching and group wellness classes.  

I was hesitant to change. I loved my drive-thru coffees, a running-only exercise routine, and convenient  boxed meals. I held onto those habits, trying to fit them  into my new wellness routine. It did not work. Finally, sit ting in a Sparkle Wellness meeting, the light bulb went off:  if I wanted to look different, I needed to BE different. I  needed to be honest and make changes. I was encouraged to look at my habits and ask myself, “Is this serving  me in my health and wellness goals?” 


Emily Smith Before

I transformed my diet, focused on increasing my  protein to support muscle growth and eliminated sugars  to reduce inflammation. I added vegetables to every  meal—including breakfast! I participated in Sparkle Book  Club, reading about beneficial nutrition. I understood  whole health wellness and nutrition which taught me the  value of micro and macro nutrients. I became account able by journaling in My Fitness Pal. I do not restrict calorie  consumption, but I document which foods helped me feel  better, supported my workouts, and aided my recovery. 

I changed my exercise routine, adding strength  conditioning. Not only am I stronger and more agile, but  added muscle has increased my metabolism! I love the  confidence my new strength brought me and by March  of 2021, I lost thirty pounds. 

My journey includes the invaluable Sparkle community of encouragement and accountability. The resource of  a hundred people, who are dedicated to learning, growing, and changing has been important. When I struggle,  we brainstorm solutions. When I need a new challenge,  friends invite me to create new goals. I ran a Ragnar  and my first marathon in six years with a Sparkle friend! I  learned successful meal prep and planning, healthy recipes and cooking methods, the best ways to store foods,  and how to organize my pantry! I love how Sparkle is  always up for an adventure with group walks, hikes, kayaking, pickleball, and workout parties. The positivity and  willingness to try new things is contagious and inspiring.


  1. Read food labels. Eat foods with minimal ingredients.  There are too many ingredients in processed foods  which negatively affect our health. 
  2. Develop an exercise routine incorporating regular  strength training and focus on challenging yourself to  lift heavier weights. 
  3. Surround yourself with health-minded people who  serve as accountability support. 

For more information, visit www.sparkleanewyou. com, or call 404-242-5062.