by Ginger Markert-Brusa

Boo Gibson and Anna Gibson Harrell tell us about being in Sparkle together. Boo could not lose weight on her own.

Originally, she joined Weight Watchers, but paid them for gaining weight. She ate their recommended snacks full of additives and preservatives. After a competitive push from her friend Martha, they joined Sparkle in August of 2016. By February of 2017, Boo lost 30 pounds.

Boo and her family, husband Don and two daughters Anna and Sarah Kate, would eat processed junk food while watching Star Trek Next Generation after school and eat Swanson’s TV dinners nightly. Once the girls were in high school and Star Trek ended, the clean eating began. The perimeter of the grocery store became Boo’s favorite place. “I do not love cooking. I throw together a lot of healthy chicken, fish,
or steak and vegetables that did not come out of a can. With Sarah Kate in college, it took Don and Anna a while to come around to all the veggies.”

Boo’s biggest challenge has been maintaining her weight loss. It was a mindset change. “Losing weight was easy; keeping it off was hard. When I derailed, I would get back on track. For me, that had to be immediately with the next bite. I had to make the right changes right away. I did not use My Fitness Pal at first. It was not until Jacynta told me to make My Fitness Pal my friend that I became consistent. I have tracked the good, bad, and ugly every day since.”

After Boo injured her back, she tried exercising again. She would walk 9 miles weekly. Physical therapists assisted with other post-injury workouts, but the exercises were difficult. Boo joined Sparkle Fitness in March of 2022. She would strength train 3-4 times per week. She felt stronger and could visibly see muscle. Anna’s gym membership increased beyond affordability, and she noticed Boo’s love for Sparkle Fitness. Anna jumped into Sparkle Fitness in January of 2023.

Anna enjoys competing with her dad in obstacle course races. “I did not think Sparkle Fitness would be enough. I needed upper body strength to increase my pull-ups on the obstacles. Jacynta instructed me to use heavier weights and do harder modifications.I fell in love with Sparkle Fitness. Mom brought the
health and wellness.” Boo’s life changed. “I am a back patient. I am treated like glass. But I can and will pick up something. If I tweak my back, I recover quicker since strength training. My chiropractor calls me an athlete. My massage therapist calls me strong and spends time with me every 3-4 months. I have gained 10 pounds of muscle, but miraculously, my clothes still fit. It is hard to wrap my head around being heavier, but clothes fit the same, or even better.”

Anna’s wellness changed, too. “I am stronger for obstacle courses and daily activities, like carrying grocery bags up flights of stairs. I am faster and stronger in races. My gut issues disappeared, since I am now gluten-free. If I fall off the fitness wagon after a race, Jacynta calls me to ask where I have been. I am in less pain after the obstacle
course races.”

Since Anna joined Boo in Sparkle Fitness, it has enhanced the mother/daughter bond. Boo says, “Doing Sparkle Fit together is fun. We push each other. We flex together.” For more information on Sparkle Wellness, visit or call Jacynta Harb at 404-242-062.