While often overlooked, your muscles need regular stretching to protect your health, body, and mobility for the long haul. Stretching is the
key to living longer and being mobile into our old age with less pain! We spoke with Jordan Keane, the program designer of Stretch Society, a local studio dedicated to enhanced stretching through unique Stick Mobility™ classes and 1:1 professionally assisted stretches, to dig deeper into what makes stretching the foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some FAQs Stretch Society gets and are happily answered by Jordan Keane (JK) below.

When and how often should you stretch?

JK: Stretching daily is ideal but at least 2-3 times a week at minimum. The good news is that stretching doesn’t have to take hours, short sessions are all you need. When to stretch depends on your needs. Morning stretches can release tension in the body after sleeping. Stretching in the evening relaxes your body and can help you achieve a deeper sleep. Stretching after a workout helps prevent injuries and increase your range of motion.

Who benefits from stretching?

JK: Literally everyone benefits! No matter your fitness level, if you are sedentary, just starting your health or fitness journey, or you are a seasoned athlete, stretching is a beneficial addition to everyone’s healthy routine. We modify our stretches to each persons’ fitness and activity level which has allowed many of our clients to kickstart their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

What are customers saying about Stretch Society classes or 1:1 sessions after they try them?

JK: A few of the amazing testimonials that come to mind are people that literally cannot move a part of their body because of a pre-existing condition or pain. They can see progress in how they gain more movement back after each session. We had a gymnast coach client who hadn’t been able to do a split in 12 years. It was a huge milestone when she was able to do her splits again after class. We even have a picture of it on our Instagram! Those types of stories happen often and make me happy to be able to give people their freedom and happiness back.

What is a professional 1:1 assisted stretch and how hands on will it be?

JK: At Stretch Society, a 30 minute 1:1 stretch session uses a combination of Hypervolt™ percussion therapy, active stretching using Stick Mobility™ and hands-on assisted stretching with a professional Stretch Coach. A session could include a full-body stretch or target 1-2 specific problem areas, depending on your needs. Our Stretch Coaches will guide you through a safe and effective stretch to ensure you leave feeling relief, loose, and better than when you came in!

Why is a dedicated stretching studio better than stretching at home?

JK: We all know we need to stretch, but most of us put it on the backburner for other exercises or get too busy. We provide knowledgeable coaches and equipment that most people don’t own at home so you get the most out of your stretch. We have families who come together as a bonding activity, friends who meet for the lunch class, or athletes who come to help their body recover. Stretching in our studio becomes an experience that people can share together as they build the foundation to a healthier lifestyle.

Visit stretchsociety.com to learn more about their Kennesaw and East Cobb locations and view safety precautions.

>> This article was originally published on page 24 in the EAST COBBER March/April issue. <<