Erica Manning shares the power of Electrical Muscle Stimulation therapy with locals by Marie Muir.

Erica Manning is making waves with  Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)  workouts at Strongvibe – her new fitness  studio located at 147 Johnson Ferry Road,  Suite 4110 in Marietta’s Paper Mill Village.  Strongvibe’s Grand Opening Celebration  took place on Oct. 19 with food, giveaways,  demos and wellness information from  Clean Juice. 

Unlike traditional strength training,  EMS workouts combine mild electricity  and low-impact exercise in short,  20-minute sessions. Participants wear a  special suit with electrodes that deliver  electrical impulses to muscles. As a result,  Strongvibe clients gain muscle and reduce  fat while alleviating pain. 

Erica, a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, grew up in Smyrna and  Woodstock and studied marketing and  sports management at Georgia Southern  University. She recalls struggling to exercise  at a high-level after having kids and  suffering from chronic tendonitis and a  torn rotator cuff. 

EMS workouts offered Erica an exciting  solution – low-impact training with high impact results. After experiencing the  positive results herself, she felt inspired to  bring this empowering fitness technique to  East Cobb. 

Strongvibe members receive private  sessions in a spacious, teal and navy-blue  studio. While most people prefer one-on one training, Erica also offers joint sessions  for competitive friends and married  couples. Members can even reserve the  studio between scheduled EMS workouts to  use the available cardio and weight-lifting  equipment.  

All Strongvibers must complete a  lifestyle questionnaire before their first  EMS workout. Responses help inform  personalized programs created by Erica to  safely meet each client’s fitness goals.  

For the workout, participants change  into special attire and are suited with an  EMS vest, belt and straps. Some people  might be nervous, but EMS workout therapy  has been safely used in the United States for  decades.  

“It feels like a hug,” says Erica, who  practices her own EMS workouts twice  weekly.  

Pulses start as a tickle and build, body  part by body part, based on client feedback.  Erica instructs participants to contract  their muscles while doing specific exercises  as the EMS suit pulses. 20 minutes later, the  EMS workout is complete.  

Because EMS recruits three times  the muscle fiber of a traditional training,  members see muscle build faster than  they could ever achieve otherwise. Like  Erica, many Strongvibe clients share that EMS workouts alleviate pain in injured or  imbalanced muscles and joints. Positive  feedback from clients gets Erica out of bed  and into the Strongvibe studio everyday.  

“It’s all theoretical until you actually see  it happen,” says Erica. “I’m now seeing the  results from clients obtained during our  soft opening and it’s been amazing! Notable  results from clients include one who lost  five pounds of body fat, one who gained  five pounds of muscle and another who  lost 10% visceral fat in their first month.” 

Strongvibe is currently offering free  introductory sessions and memberships at  25% discounted rate. Learn more and sign  up by visiting Check out their Facebook Page

Erica and her husband, Doug Manning,  have three children: Ava Grace, 14, Emily,  12, and Ryan, 10. The Mannings moved to  Hampton Farms’ River Hill neighborhood  from Smyrna in 2020. They love hiking  trails at Sope Creek and grabbing a bite to  eat at Moxie Burger.