When someone suffers a personal injury due to careless activity on the road, they deserve swift justice and fair compensation for their hardship. That is exactly what The Auto Accident Attorneys Group fights to provide for its clients day in and day out.  

Founded by husband and wife team, Ali and Jamie Salimi, the personal injury firm thrives as a prominent  law business based in East Cobb. The couple went in together as business partners to make a real every day difference in their community and the industry at large.

“There’s a misconception about plantiff ’s attorneys and  compensatory damages in general. So it is important for us  to show what sort of good that plantiff ’s attorneys can do  instead of just advertising settlements and verdicts. Plantiff ’s  work is fulfilling to us because it provides access to justice  for everyone. It levels the playing field,” said Ali Salimi, one  of the firm’s partners and co-founders. “Also, personal injury  law is one of the few practice areas where clients don’t have  the extra burden to pay a tremendous amount of legal fees  upfront…we earn our fees by providing zealous advocacy.”

Ali and Jamie met in 2002 while attending law school at  Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. After finish ing school, they got married and moved to Orange County,  where Ali started his criminal defense practice. After building  notoriety in private practice as a corporate and securities  lawyer, Jamie became an in-house advisor in the technology  sector to established and start-up companies. As their family  grew, they made the challenging decision to leave their es tablished careers and move to East Cobb to create a stronger  environment in which to raise their children. 

Being an East Cobb native, Ali was excited to return to his  friends and family while Jamie made a difficult  adjustment after leaving her own community in  Southern California. It was then they decided to open a personal injury firm together to work  directly for the community. They created the law  partnership in 2016 and opened their physical office in August 2018. Since then, they have made  a name for themselves as a local source of justice.

“Before we ever opened our doors or signed our first client, we spent over a year business planning and creating procedures for how we would conduct our practice. While you can’t foresee and plan for all issues that will arise from a personal injury case, we felt like we had a really good grasp on how to handle a variety of cases,” Ali said. “With my trial experience and Jamie’s corporate and in-house background, we approached our personal injury cases with the best of our different paradigms and hit our first million-dollar settlement for one of our very first clients.”

Having amassed some of the most talented people in the  industry, the firm’s revenue has doubled year-over-year since  its start. To date, the group has helped recover over $30 mil lion in injury compensation for the community. They hope to  continue growing at the same rate as they become a trusted  resource for any and all legal matters in the county providing  their own personal injury assistance along with credible refer rals for those seeking experts in other areas of law.

“The most satisfying thing for us, as business owners, is  knowing that we have a team that shares our philosophy  on taking care of our clients. From the beginning, Ali and  I agreed to hire for culture,” Jamie said. “Our culture is so  important because we don’t just see ourselves as taking care  of our own clients, we also want to change the perception of  the entire plaintiffs’ law industry.” 

The firm continues to integrate itself through its involvement  in free local events including blood drives, arts-related activ ities, and spring and fall festivals to further give back to the  community. “We are purposefully located in a retail location  as opposed to a high-rise office building because we want to be  easily accessible to the community,” said Ali. “We feel blessed  to be in the heart of the East Cobb community, and our next big event for the locals is ‘Food Truck  Friday,’ which is a food truck event held in our parking lot every Friday from April 8 through June  24. With the weather getting warmer, we hope this  brings a lot of smiles and good food to East Cobb.”  

The Auto Accident Attorneys Group is located at  1454 Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta/East Cobb.  For more info, visit www.TheAAAGroup.com or  call 404-600-0941.