When trying to sharpen and define your living space, the  world of home organization can work wonders. However,  organizing your home doesn’t mean you have to change your  furniture, home décor, or overall style. Sometimes, all that is  needed is the reimagining of your furniture and possessions  to enhance the efficiency of your home. But when it comes to  organizing your space to its full potential, it might be best to  leave that to the professionals. Tidied by K works diligently  with you to help create beautiful and efficient living spaces that  provide you customized peace of mind without compromising  your personal style. 

“If you think about the benefits of being organized,  you’d probably pinpoint aspects like time management,  productivity, and ease of use,” said Owner and Pro  Organizer Kenika Williams. “Organizing makes it easier  for you and your family to be productive and, overall,  makes your life at home easier to manage.” 


Kenika Williams

After years of being successful but unsatisfied in other endeavors, Williams immediately found her true calling as a home organizer. Since June of 2019, Tidied by K has worked with homeowners and residents to fully declutter and organize their homes. Starting with a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, she has partnered with influencers, family, and friends to help market her services. Through their word of mouth, Williams quickly made an impact within her community and garnered the attention of local homeowners looking to live a more efficient and peaceful lifestyle.

“My favorite part of the business is the hands-on work I  do with my clients. I’ve always been an organizer at heart, and  enjoy the challenge of transforming spaces. When I can help  someone create functional and beautiful spaces in their home,  I’m ecstatic,” Williams said. “A professional home organizer is  someone that will work with your lifestyle and routines in mind,  and create functional and streamlined systems that make your  home life flow.” 

Tidied by K places your needs and lifestyle as their top priority. Rather than turning your home into something foreign and unfamiliar, Williams transforms your space to better reflect your lifestyle. She believes you should feel pride and honor the second you walk through the door.

“The power of loving your home and living in a space that nurtures you is important, but is often taken  for granted,” Williams said. “When you are intentional  about creating a home environment you love and are  proud of, you showcase a better version of yourself. That  does wonders for boosting confidence, mental health,  and overall happiness.” 

Confidence and productivity start at home. You deserve to get the most from where you spend your time. Home organizing allows you to fall in love with your living space all over again.

For more information on how Tidied by K can improve your home, call 678-933-5365 or email organized@tidiedbyk.com. For updates and examples, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.