Kelly Page, better known as bluegraygal, is a visual storyteller. Her Pinterest page proclaims: I love blues, grays, chandeliers, hydrangeas, cocktails(!) and elegant home design. This East Cobb mom and entrepreneur shares these particular loves and much more through photography, video and TV.

The genesis of bluegraygal came about in October 2015 when Kelly posted an Instagram to test how her stories and ideas would be received through social media.

That original Instagram blossomed into her bluegraygal brand and website, as well as a following on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

At, Kelly offers entertaining, style, gardening and travel stories using her own photography and her own personal point of view. She has an eye for detail and experience both in front of and behind a camera. A former TV news anchor, Kelly also worked in production for MTV and VH1 and at AT&T in commercial production.

“My website offers a little of everything from how-to videos to product recommendations to online shopping,” says Kelly. “If I find a great product or create a easier way to go about life, I include it on bluegraygal.”

For those products that she loves and uses, Kelly recommends them through bluegraygal. She recently produced a first day of school video for the children’s clothing company, Hanna Andersson. Her eight-year-old daughter and five-year-old twin boys boarded the Cobb County school bus sporting their Hanna Andersson outfits.

She is currently working with companies such as Sherwin Williams, Ace Hardware and Target to promote some of her favorite products.

Her website’s online shopping is an extension of Kelly’s product recommendations, and she primarily works with women entrepreneurs. Her latest collaboration is with Plush Pumpkin by Monya Kampa, which she discovered at a local East Cobb store. Kelly contacted the pumpkin creator to make an exclusive color collection of the velvet pumpkins in, of course, the signature shades of blue and gray. They are available only at bluegraygal.

As she continues to refine her bluegraygal brand, Kelly offers styling services to help others with like interests develop a brand for their products. Her first step is to outline a vision and expectation for the product. Then with that same sense of style that she brings to her own brand, Kelly works with the product creator to establish campaign goals for a website and social media promotion.

Kelly can also be found doing lifestyle segments on NBC’s Atlanta & Company, which airs Monday-Friday, 11AM-12PM, on Channel 11Alive. In this setting, she shares tips on subjects such as unique framing and purse organization.

Videos of these segments are on her website. Like entertaining, style, gardening, travel or the colors blue and gray? Check out for the full story on the latest trends.

(From the October 2016 issue of East Cobber magazine.)