Experience advanced eye care with Dr. Kareem Sioufi’s expertise and Woolfson’s cutting-edge technology By Marie Muir  

Kareem Sioufi, MD ushered in the New  Year by embracing his role as the latest  addition to the Woolfson Eye Institute  team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and  experience to East Cobb as a Medical Retina  Specialist. Dr. Sioufi is excited to join the  Woolfson practice and help patients address  critical eye health issues and help them  prevent vision loss. 

The importance of a healthy retina cannot  be overstated. Dr. Sioufi is well-equipped to  handle diagnoses, treatments, and surgical  options related to this vital part of the  eye. His proficiency extends to detecting  inflammation and tumors throughout the  retina, offering specialized solutions such  as injections and lasers to treat age-related  macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic  retinopathy. 

“The retina is like a mirror for the health  of the body,” Dr. Sioufi explains. “You can  see the vessels clearly, so anything that is  affecting your health systemically can often  be detected on the retina.” 

Recent advancements in retinal repair have  significantly expanded patients’ options. Dr.  Sioufi was drawn to the Woolfson-Marietta  location for its cutting-edge technology, modern  facilities, and warm staff. East Cobb residents  can comfortably and conveniently access a  comprehensive range of eye care services at  2687 Sandy Plains Road. 

Dr. Sioufi’s journey to becoming a Medical Retina Specialist spans continents and educational milestones. He moved to the U.S. in 2012 from Damascus, Syria. Upon arrival, he pursued his medical degree at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts. He Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, renowned as  the nation’s top eye hospital, followed by an ophthalmology residency at the Medical  University of South Carolina and a retina  fellowship at the University of Washington  in Seattle.  

WOOLFSON EYE INSTITUTE DELIVERING RETINA CARE IN EAST COBBAfter years of strenuous studies and  training, the family moved back south. They  were excited to live closer to Dr. Sioufi’s  parents in Orlando, enjoy the warm culture,  and savor delicious Southern cuisine. Dr. Sioufi is married to Sarah Alsati, an  architectural photographer who is also from  Damascus, Syria. The couple share a passion  for exploring East Cobb with their almost  3-year-old, Talia. They can often be found  sipping a cup of coffee at Cool Beans Coffee  Roasters or playing pickleball in the park. 

Dr. Sioufi approaches patient care with  the same diligence he would provide to his  own family—listening, asking questions,  and carefully determining the best course  of action. Woolfson Eye Institute, founded  by Jonathan Woolfson, MD in 1996, boasts a  team of 22 eye care providers, including 15  ophthalmologists and 7 optometrists, serving  patients across 12 locations in Georgia,  Tennessee, and North Carolina. 

“If you notice something wrong with your vision, don’t sleep on it,” advises Dr. Sioufi.  “Get it checked out.”  

The team at Woolfson Eye Institute  is dedicated to providing kind and comprehensive care in a safe and comfortable  environment. To discover the right vision  provider or procedure for you, contact the  Woolfson-Marietta office and schedule  an evaluation. Reach out to Woolfson Eye  Institute at 866-LASER22 (866-527-3722)  or visit woolfsoneye.com/marietta-ga/. Your  vision deserves the best care, and Dr. Sioufi undertook research fellowships  at Thomas Jefferson Wills and the Woolfson team are ready to help you  see the world clearly.